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Elephant Insurance
Claims Associate Level II was asked...6 May 2017

What did u do to prepare for this interview?

1 Answers

Went to the website

American Automobile Association (AAA)

Basic code deciphering questions, but the time is so quick you can't even answer. You have to have the codes knowledge memorized.

1 Answers

I just guessed as quick as I could.

Anthem, Inc.

Do you have claims experience

1 Answers

Yes, then I proceeded to inform of the experience that I have

Sedgwick Claims Management Services

Do you prefer working alone or as part of a team?

1 Answers

As part of a team

Zurich Insurance

Nearly every discussion point was unrelated to insurance, claims, and the specific line of coverage. None were difficult. All were unexpected.

1 Answers

The interviewer's style appeared haphazard. He did not ask about relevant work experience. He spent close to ten minutes asking about my high school experience. The interviewer demeaned my past and current employers by suggesting that Zurich was "a big company" and the position had "real responsibility. His style and questions reflected poorly on Zurich. Less

AAA Life Insurance Company

Tell Me A Time when you had to follow directions that weren't very clear. How did you handle this? What did you do?

1 Answers

I spoke of a time in college when the professor wanted quality work from me but his directions were often confusing and unclear. I advised that I pulled him aside and asked clarifying questions so that I could better understand his expectations of me and the class. Less

The Co-operators

Tell me two important things we look for in cliamants as an accident benefits adjuster?

1 Answers

I stated verification of claim details , assess if injuries are consistent with the accident. Look what kind of coverages they have in the policy and see which reserves can be opened. Also talk about any other drivers involved and collect third party information so we can open AB or BI exposures. Less

Zurich North America

Where do I see myself in 5 years?

1 Answers

Employed with Zurich, gradually making my way to management.

EMC Insurance

Describe a time you made a mistake, how did you fix it?

1 Answers

I discussed a premature liability decision and how i did more investigation and ultimately changed liability. Less


Tell me about a time you did something that made a positive company impact.

1 Answers

Being apart of lean advisory committee I was apart of many process improvement projects. One being an out of office plan for our associates, which overall had a positive customer impact. Less

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