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Generic Competency Questions. Give us a time you've worked in a team Give us a time you've solved a problem out of the box

If you could leave us three adjectives to describe yourself that we should remember you by, what would they be?

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Why do you want to work in the telecoms industry ? Why did you study X at university ? What influenced your choice to study where you did ?

Give us an example where you faced down difficulties. How did you react and why?

Pretty standard competency-based questions. Like which achievement are you most proud of, last time you solved a conflict at work, what are your weaknesses/strengths, who do you look up to, ..then a more 'consulting' question many tires are sold in the UK in a year. You have to think out loud, they always wanted specific numbers. I wouldn't say the interview was hard..questions were pretty common like you would expect from any other interview. I was just very nervous because of the rather unfriendly attitude of the interviewers. One even left out a sigh and shook his head while the other guy was interviewing me, and he started writing down his comments on my performance on a paper. I thought it was incredibly unprofessional and it made me feel even worse than I already felt.

Standard questions, ie where I see myself in 5 years, why the hut group, what motivates me, what are my strengths, etc

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