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The objectives of the role were extensive and specific, with specified outputs that were expected by the end of year 1. They asked me in lots of detail about my approach to each area.

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It was at least a two hour interview each time and required a lot of preparation. I approached each question methodically and using sales communication techniques.

We try to be specific about what we are looking for and will have at least 1 interview, a telephone conversation and probably some other exercise to measure what we are looking for. Really to increase our chances of getting the best match possible. We also show people around and let them see where, and who they'd be working with, so candidates too can make an informed decision. We aim to make sure we make the right decision as we know how expensive a wrong decision can be for both us and the candidate.

Tell me about your skills.

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Would you be strong enough to stand up to difficult sales people?

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I was asked to review the company's website and social media and give my feedback.

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What drives me towards a faith based role ...

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Give an example of a time you handled conflict in the workplace