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Community banker essential banking Interview Questions


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There were 5 situational based questions e.g tell me a time when you overcame and obstacle/ worked in a team/ lead a team.

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Tell me about a time you have convinced someone to use a new piece of techology?

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Tell us a time you had to say no but used your initiative to go and help the customer

Tell us a time when you worked as a team and brought forward your ideas

When have you had to follow guidelines

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Why Barclays? What risks have you faced in your previous role or studies? How have you abided by regulations and policies? When have you solved a problem before? When have you faced a difficult situation in your work or personal life and how did you overcome it?

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What is a skill you realised you had in a previous role and how has that helped you develop?

Questions were around Barclay's values and how I have exhibited them in my previous roles and/or personal life.