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The entire interview was competency based. The Hiring Manager was reading out a competency relevant to the role. And I was supposed to give examples from my work or personal life. No trick questions, e.g. what is your weakness, how would others describe you, etc. Overall, very formal.

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can you remeber most of the questions they asked you and how long did the interview last? thanks

okay thank you.i have mine next week and i dont know what to expect. were there any role plays involved and was the interview process intimidating?

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Why Barclays?

2 Answers

Describe a situation when you worked collaboratively/helped a colleague and what was the result.

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Control environment: When have you followed clear guidelines to solve an issue?

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How did i perform and excellence service

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Tell us of a time when you identified a Risk.

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Give an example of a time where you had to follow company policies in order to solve something.

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What do you know about Barclays and why do you want to work here ?

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How do you improve yourself? What have you done in the past towards this direction?

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Tell me about a time you identified risk in the organization. Then follow up questions such as: - how did you identify it as a risk -what could it have affected the organization -what steps did you take to minimize the risk etc

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