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Community Outreach Director was asked...8 May 2013

What do you bring to the job that sets you apart from other candidates?

3 Answers

I contribute to everyone on the team's job, not just advancing my job.

horrible place to work. you dodged a bullet if you didn't get the job.



What are your strengths?

2 Answers

Answer with how you feel necessary.

Multitasking, customer service skills 4years showing up on time

US Census Bureau

What would you do if 10 organizations asked you to come out and speak to them over the next 10 days, and they were all at night?

2 Answers

Even though your comment was made 10 years ago ?'s should still apply: The only answer Must be to take them all. After all, You are on the job hunt for a perfect fit, how else can you find out? If you want to be fully informed the only way is to be present in body and mind. Less

I answered: I would try to see if some of them could be put off until following weeks so I could pace myself. WRONG ANSWER: She wanted me to say ... I would take them all. This was probably a deal breaker. She wanted staff to be available many weekends and evenings. Less

Molina Healthcare

Why would you be a good fit for our company.

2 Answers

No offer was extended to me.

How much did they offer for your position

Housing Works

Why I want to help

2 Answers

I never had anyone to really sit down and guide me. After serving 30 years in prison I want to share my knowledge in the hopes of them not making the mistakes I have made Less

The job”s descriptions are all about being able to serve clients in need for a better way of living life. My previous experience as a medical interpreter working with the community with all medical and social issues facilitating service in teamwork including good reviews from medical providers led me to believe I can be a caseworker I've never seen myself in this profession, however, one thing might leads to another discovering a new field of work I might be good at it. It is not about wanting to help it is about being able to do the job. Less

They basically asked if you could handle it physically a lot. It's all standing, outside, asking over a hundred people for money a day.

1 Answers

Just be yourself and be honest.

Hands For Africa

Why do you feel you would be a good fit for the company?

MeSun Health Services

Can you easily build rapport?

1 Answers

Of course!

Planned Parenthood

How do you motivate volunteers?

1 Answers

I would motivate volunteers by organizing activities of their need and interest.

The Johns Hopkins University

can you tell us about yourself?

1 Answers

do you have experience working with vulnerable populations?

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