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No questions in the group interview, you are invited back for a 1:1 if you are successful. Very difficult subject matter to get your teeth into if you do not know about oil & gas. Some people were really thrown by this. Important to remember that you only need to get a feel for the challenges and the solutions the transcripts say about the industry. You don't need to know how they work, just know the terms for them!

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Main thing is do not attempt to read ALL the transcripts, you won't have time. Read a few from different sections of the pile. Everybody will only be able to read the top three or so so pick the first one and then pick some at random to get some different information from the rest of the group. Speak up for yourself and be confident. Offer to take charge in the group work but let your team members speak.

Why are google investing in drone technology?

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Why do you want this job.

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Do you play basketball?

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Why didn't you get a first in your degree?

How do your skills from your last job apply to this job?

Spent a lot of time talking about the company and the backstory of the directors. Covered off their merits and achievements. Spoke at length about the flagship event. The only real question I was asked was salary expectation and if I was bringing any contacts from previous roles with me.

Are you organised? How do you organise yourself?

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