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It was a subquestion regarding an aspect of economic regulation. I might have found it more difficult due to my lack of exposure to the field.

6 Answers

Hi, last week I also went to oxera for an interview and the wrtitten test. The test was ok, but the interview was terrible. I am not english native and I was really nervous. How did you know that you did not pass to the next round? I am almost 100% positive that I won't be able to make it also, but I would like to know for sure. Did they send you an email? Thank you,

Yes, I received an email, though it took a while (over two weeks). Best of luck!

Thanks =)

have you ever had conflict with your colleges?

2 Answers

How many games will be played in a Single-elimination tournament with 37 people

2 Answers

What kind of a leader are you?

2 Answers

How would you approach Project X (a very specific project in an area know to the interviewer to be outside the interviewee's core expertise) ?

2 Answers

Do you prefer to work with one outstanding employee or two mediocre employee?

2 Answers

What is Opera's annual profit?

2 Answers

You have 20 minutes to a write a syntactically correct program in C# that will create all the possible letter/word combinations of a telephone key pad for a 7 digit number. You are not allowed to use a pen and paper. You are not allowed to use Visual Studio, but an editor we provide, however it must work correctly when we run it in Visual Studio. Both interviewers watching me and making notes. Interview question was not prepared but hastily typed up by tech lead who had a poor grasp of written English, I had to help him correct his question several times. The editor they gave me was poor and had its own learning curve which I doubt they scoped in. A decent question ruined by ill thought and pointless caveats.

3 Answers

Why are you applying for thgis job?

1 Answer

What are your strengths and weakness

1 Answer
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