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Contact Center Agent was asked...27 November 2017

How to handle angry customer

3 Answers

I will satisfy him/her

I will satisfy him/her

Listen probably

BMO Financial Group

how did you handle constructive criticism from your boss

2 Answers

Learning is an ongoing process. My manager once gave me feedback for wrongfully keeping a customer on hold and doing extra research. It is agreeable because we need to value customer’s time. Best feedback I ever received! Less

Well, the way I handle constructive feedback is by taking into consideration on what has been done. With receiving the feedback I make sure that I understand what improvements were made to deal with the situation at hand. I would deal with it in a professional matter and use it as a learning experience. Less


N'etes vous pas trop qualifie pour le poste ?

1 Answers

Faites moi confiance et je vous le rendrais.

Costco Wholesale

How will you handle a pressurized situation?

1 Answers

By providing behavioral answers with solutionsm

TUI Musement

What is you previous experience?

1 Answers

Told avout my previous job experiences.

Co-op Solutions

What do you know about our company

1 Answers

I know that it provides financial services, im not too sure what services are exactly provides But i would love to learn Less


If you had a million dollars with no bills to pay, how would you spend it.

1 Answers

I would rent out a them park for my friends and family and ride attractions all day. Less

Financial Conduct Authority

Can you name a time when you had to overcome a difficult situation?

1 Answers

Hey, how long did they take to contact you after your interview?

Take me back to your childhood, what type of kid were you?

1 Answers

I describe my childhood.

BMO Financial Group

Please let us know the overall experience of this interview

1 Answers

The overall experience of this interview was good. It's just the webcam interview might of caught me off guard. I advise to do a few practice questions to let you have a feel how the process works. Less

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