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What does <i> and </i>mean?

2 Answers

Italics / close italics

I should I shouldn't (should I stay or should I go... dada-dada-dada-DA... The Clash!)

Where could we improve?

1 Answer

"if you were tasked with re-organizing information for your entire region, how would you go about this?" "Why is our company relevant"

1 Answer

How passionate i am about what i write, no matter what the subject.

1 Answer

What software have I been trained in?

1 Answer

Q: Which clients have you worked on in the past?

1 Answer

How would you improve the website?

1 Answer

What's your understanding of content marketing strategy?

Do you have a keen eye for detail or are you more someone who sees the bigger picture? (or something to that effect)

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