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Content Marketing Manager was asked...18 January 2018

Your tie is red - are you a Trump supporter?

4 Answers

CR is extremely unprofessional and comments like this do not surprise me.

Most adults know politics is not something that should be discussed with somebody you don’t know. Especially in a job interview. Why does it matter if Trump is a client? Still not acceptable to ask a potential employees political position. Less

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Why are you uniquely qualified for the position

2 Answers

Be thankful for this. You do NOT want to work for this horrible company.

They can't respond to you directly UNLESS you post where others can see it. That sure gets you a response. Funny how that works. Less

Arena Solutions

"We know we can never get along with everyone...but tell me two things people who don't like you would say about you."

2 Answers

I'm especially adept at avoiding answering questions that can only cast me in a negative light. Less

The point of this question is to dump a bucket of mud over you and see how much of it sticks--be careful! Less

Dynamic Risk Indicator

They asked me to send in a content strategy I had worked on

1 Answers

I was slightly wary of doing so and certainly didn't after being ghosted.

Projectline Services

So, what were your past performance reviews like? What were the issues?

1 Answers

This seemed to come out of nowhere during the course of one conversation. It was asked rather bluntly, I did answer it, but of course I put a positive spin on my answer. Less

I was asked what my role in the team would be.

1 Answers

I responded with what my expectation was from the job and closed by saying that I expected the employer to pre-define my role and share that with me before hiring Less

Tacoma Art Museum

General interview questions about my history and experience.

1 Answers

I prepared with responses so that I could be sure I talked about specific qualifications to any of their questions. This process worked well for me. Less

Pulse Secure

They asked the standard questions. Nothing fancy.

1 Answers

Be aware that this company will ask you to do "sample work" for them and then may re-purpose it for their own use. Less

Emmvee Photovoltaic Power

code of conduct, privacy, these are all fake questions so it doesnt matter

1 Answers

i even called overseas to this company and checked if this was legit. The HR DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I WAS SAYING. They are very clueless on what is going on and do not care that people are using their company to fraud others. Less

Finch Advertising Management

What do you like more: short-form or long-form content?

1 Answers

Long-form and that's just because I'm a word nerd. But I can also do shorter content and that it is actually more strategic than long-form. You really get to think about the preciseness of the messaging and feel out the strategy. Less

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