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Content writers are imaginative and detail-oriented creatives. The most effective content writers craft spectacular descriptions of products or services for a client, injecting their own voice and style to reach a target audience. They work in a variety of outlets, such as social media, blog posts, articles and sales copy.

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Top Content Writer Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top content writer interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: How do you measure the success of content?

How to answer: Every piece of content you create should be written with a specific goal and audience in mind. The degrees to which you address challenges, focus on keywords and galvanise your audience are all good performance metrics.

Question No. 2: Why do you want to be a content writer? Or why did you choose content writing as a profession?

How to answer: Speak about your passion for literacy. Describe your competence and creativity in written communication in detail. Explain how you are familiar or fluent with different writing styles and how to employ them.

Question No. 3: How would you go about creating a content strategy for a client/brand?

How to answer: Different agencies and organisations have different ways of approaching their content strategy. For the purposes of a content writing interview, you can utilise the following simple and smart process:
Step 1. Define the marketing objectives.
Step 2. Identify the audience (their personality, behaviour, demographics, etc.).
Step 3. Define how the client/brand should be perceived by the audience (positioning).
Step 4. Brainstorm ideas (creating the topic/subject pool, creating a keyword list, etc.).
Step 5. Map a rollout plan.

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Content Writer was asked...17 January 2019


6 Answers

Copywriter interview with that spelling hmmm sounds fishy

This can't be for the real Backland Media. There's no way you'd be interviewed by a "nice lady" at the real Backland Media. Less

Run! It's not a good place to work at. Read the reviews.

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why we should hire you as a fresher

8 Answers

well, I know that I am a fresher but a fresher also starts from somewhere or the other and I feel that it is thr best platform to embrace my skills and polish them Less

Because am new and i do not know anything

Because am new and i do not now anything

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The Information Company

Will you travel outside Maharahtra on assignments?

5 Answers


Though unprepared for travel at that point, I said yes.


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First round will be written test

4 Answers

Next roind is HR round

Did anyone got their result!!

Did anyone got their result!!

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Tell me something about yourself

4 Answers

My name is Madiha Zaheer, I am 15 years old, I am a student of St. Mary's Senior Secondary School, I study in class in 12th and pursuing my knowledge in science Less

My name is Isaiah nderitu, i am 18 years old ,i am still a student at Mount Kenya pursuing pure mathematics Less

Hi, as a Google employee, I’ve created an interview prep guide that got many people into Google, based on my and my friends' interview experiences. You can find it here: (please do not forget to check the reviews on that page to read my customers' comments). Good luck! Less

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Pattem Digital Technologies

Q1. Case study Q2. Social media posts. Q3. Quora answer/promotion of the company.

3 Answers

This was optional so I displayed my skills as a writer by answering Q3.

Hi Aishwarya, yes this is Karthik. Your response still does not justify the lack of communication for weeks and I believe I received a revert from your end only once I posted this interview on glassdoor. I would absolutely love to catch up for coffee or come down to your office but we all know there is a learning curve here. I really don't enjoy posting bad experience reviews so hopefully, you would keep me in mind for a future job opening and ensure candidates receive a timely response for the time and effort they put in, henceforth. Have a good one. And kindly extend the same message to Akash as well. Cheerio. :) Less

Karthik, I recognized this review even though the review was anonymous which shows we genuinely look into candidates profiles and keep a track. I personally don't recommend telling a candidate they are rejected but letting them know if they are a perfect fit we definitely get back which is kind of obvious to understand. And if this did not matter I would not personally get in touch with you to explain to you the whole scenario which pretty much was very straight forward. You shared experience and we responded not just on the platform and also personally so I do not see any point of you dragging it again and again here. Had I not been honest about the candidature I wouldn't bother. Less


As mentioned, there was no in-person interview. Questions were "fill out your information" and "select the best verb tense".

3 Answers


Thank you for your feedback. Several changes have been made to the testing process since you applied. We are growing at an unprecedented pace, which requires automated testing to weed out poor writers from excellent writers. We still have need for more than 1,000 additional writers. If you are still interested in working for us, I invite you to try again. Less

For me, it has been a wonderful experience to work and collaborate with a genuinely sublime group of people at SteadyContent. Writing and editing are job categories that lend themselves perfectly to remote work. Most writing and editorial work require only a computer, Internet access, and a quiet place to work. In-person interviews for writing jobs aren't as common as those for other jobs— it’s a remote job that you can do from anywhere. What is the “interview” process? When you apply to be a content writer with SteadyContent, you will complete a set of tests and tasks so that we might be able to assess your writing proficiency, reading comprehension skills, time management skills, ability to write in multiple styles and formats, creativity, and adaptability to research your way to good content. The assessment process today is still automated, and quite thorough. One of our active freelance writers noted, “I did apply for another site that only gave you 45 minutes and did not communicate their expectations at all. Here (at SteadyContent), I had no trouble understanding what to do. And, I received an answer right away when I asked a question.” If there was ever a lag in response time via messenger at the time you applied, I know firsthand and can assure you that these days, our team is VERY responsive and as always, is happy to help or provide feedback whenever needed. Growing pains at early stages for any startup is inevitable; we’ve endured these pains at SteadyContent and are strengthened by the learning opportunities they’ve provided that continue to build muscle and propel us forward. Our active writers and editors are happy to be on board! Another active writer reached out to say, “Thanks for all you do. I’ve been telling my family how excited I am to have found this job.” Anyone who loves to write or has the ability to get focused and scour loads of copy for edits, we encourage to apply. Take the next right step and continue down the work-at-home road to find how rewarding a career in freelance writing and/or editing at SteadyContent could really be. Good luck! Deena Steady Content Less


Pen down on the topic, Kamal and Rajini entering politics will destroy Tamilnadu politics

3 Answers

Politics is already in a lot of chaos and confusion. No wonder we can expect celebrities with no political background nor any prior experiences to try their luck in this money boaring field. We already know the rich stardom and fame these two powerful actors have and if they bag a chair in the upcoming elections, the already corrupt and destroyed country will definetly hit rock bottom. Less

Politics is already in a lot of chaos and confusion. No wonder we can expect celebrities with no political background nor any prior experiences to try their luck in this money boaring field. We already know the rich stardom and fame these two powerful actors have and if they bag a chair in the upcoming elections, the already corrupt and destroyed country will definetly hit rock bottom. Less

Present Politics in Tamil nadu is in itself a state of mess that with the involvement of these celebrated and heavily rivalled superstars is sure to elevate the haywire to a whole new level.The question isn't that who will bag the chair but how badly will the chair be destroyed with these powerful idols fighting for it.It will not remain a fight for power but it will become a fight between the biggest fandoms ever known.The wait is tough but the storm is sure to hit. Less


Mary had ____ bad dream.

3 Answers




Academic Minds

Choice of 5 essays from previously stated specialist subjects. 1200 word minimum. Fully referenced

3 Answers

Not especially technical, more of a review paper

Same thing happened with me There is a clear ambiguity in their approach and something dubious. I am an academic writer, an author of an IET book chapter and several IEEE papers. They gave me an assignment that took hours from me to prepare. They decided unilaterally it was unacceptable. Ok, they are free to define their measures but it is also the right of those who take time to write, to be given feedback. At least for them to know what they missed. It is also their right to know what the company's measures are before they waste their time in writing. And there is a suspicion that the articles' they receive in this way are either used as is or used as a nucleus for writing articles to earn free money by fooling writers to write. As employers, I advise you they are definitely not decent in the strategy; if at all these suspicions were unfounded, for that I cannot tell without evidence. Less

@Geili, I only got given the "references too old" excuse after I sent a very curt email to them. I expect if you demanded feedback that you would receive a similarly spurious excuse. Tempted to report them to the Better Business Bureau, as what they are doing is theft. They also claim that all their writers are Oxbridge graduates - another lie. Less

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