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Run! It's not a good place to work at. Read the reviews.

Don’t fall for their BS, the place is toxic

This company isn't in London?

why we should hire you as a fresher

6 Answers

Tell me something about yourself

4 Answers

If we gave you a piece to write about how would you go about it?

1 Answer

To re write into 50 words information from an original piece of writing of over 500 words. I don't think they realised all the essential info they wanted to put in filled 50 words alone, without using a single connective!

1 Answer

Previous experience in marketing

1 Answer

Here's an example piece, is there anything wrong with it?

1 Answer

There were many questions. In general, it was more of a conversation to see, having ascertained that I had the requisite skills for the position, if the fit between myself and the company would be a good one.

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What do you need to write a piece of content?

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Have you ever written content before?

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