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Looking at this ad (youtube ad for Thompson travels) - who do you think the target audience is? If we were to change the target audience to X, how would you change the ad?

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Why do you think Google has launched the Pixel phone?

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Who are Orbus Software's Competitors

1 Answer

Estimate the revenue Google makes through Gmail ads?

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Strength and weaknesses, why want to work for Innovate UK? Business awareness - what Innovate UK does? Problem-solving - a time when you came up with an idea no one else thought of, a time when you solves a problem or conflicts, dealth with team conflicts,

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Describe a time you had to make an urgent decison at work

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What is your understanding of Contract Management?

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What would you do/say if we were in a meeting with a client and they requested a 25% reduction in price within 5 minutes or they were going to cancel the contract and leave?

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What is one of your concerns if you were successful in the post?

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Describe a time when you had to implement a change? How do you maintain accuracy? Which seemed an odd question from someone that relied on a lot of guess work. Compared to other interviews, the interviewing was poor, like they had little interviewing experience. One slouched and had poor listening skills or just wasn't awake. Compared to other organisations I've worked in, I was surprised these two held such important roles.

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What was my background

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