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Capital One
Director, Corporate Development was asked...23 January 2012

The case interviews were consulting firm-type interview questions. The first was about evaluating a call center's effectiveness and profitability. The second was evaluating whether or not a certain screening process (I think that it was employment verificiation or something) was cost effective in weeding out delinquent potential customers. The third was about the profitability of an affinty card program.

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All of the cases started out with some qualitative brainstorming, including some sort of net profit calculation, and concluded with a breakeven calculation of some type. So, make sure you generally know how to calculate the profitability of a credit card customer and what a default rate is. The interviewer will walk you through a scenario, and then provide you with some numbers to do the case. I was told that they would provide me with paper, pens, calculator, and a white board. In every instance, I had to ask for paper and did not get a calculator, so perhaps the recruiter just gave me stale information. Less


What's the "next big" market area or venture MSFT should get into? And why?

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Our metro area has struggled for years trying to achieve an answer to our mass transit dilemmas. We need a better way to quickly move people, and we need a method for building the infrastructure so that it can be used within the next 5 years or so. Less

call me

Ping Identity

Complete the assessment while we watch you.

2 Answers

Noped out of there!

Update to 1st question about Amy, Bob and Mike. The answer selection would typically be: 1) True, Amy and Mike are friends 2) False, Amy and Mike are not friends 3) Insufficient information 4) None of the above Less


Can you work with varying personalities?

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Always have - not a problem

Fullerton Financial Holdings

What you will avoid from yourself while after joining this company. As what is drawbacks in you honestly which you will look to improve post joining here.

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I am normally trust peoples quite easily. but i will give time myself while dealing with any official activities with the peoples and not to trust anybody at first instance. Less


Do you belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? (Asked by the CEO himself during the onsite interview)

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I didn't know exactly how to answer the question, so I told the truth. It was the second question of the interview. In retrospect, after that question, the rest of the interview was just a formality. Less

Gogo Business Aviation

Provide me an example of a difficult employee and how you handled the situation. Tell me about a time where you developed a solution that benefited the company by solving a long running issue or bringing in a new solution. What has been your experience with Email Security Gateways, and specifically Mimecast? What have you done with those solutions? Tell me about your experience with cloud infrastructure providers.

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I used the STAR model when responding: I explained the Situation, listed the Tasks proposed to address the situation, described the Actions I took, and then presented the Results that I achieved and how they addressed the issue. Less


I loved that they asked me difficult and direct questions about what I would do to change their current messaging. When I gave constructive criticism, they were very receptive.

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I took the time to look at their competitors and other vendors in the space, and came back with feedback. They were very open to hearing my ideas. Less


How do you convince people to change their mindset when they do not want to change?

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There is no set way. People only change when they see a personal benefit to make the change. The issue is that no two people have the same personal reasons for change. It takes work, some people will immediately see the reason, adopt it and relish change. In most cases you have to learn what is driving someone and then craft a dialogue about the change and reasons. One time it took me 6 months to change someone's mind and get them on board with the rest of the team. Eventually that person became a champion for the changes and later lead the way for more changes and innovation. Less

Deutsche Bank

Do you know how to find your way out?

1 Answers

Yes. Make a left after passing your assistant with the breast implants. Correct? Less

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