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Abraxas Youth & Family Services
Counselor II was asked...29 March 2018

How do you feel about going in to client's homes?

1 Answers

I stated that I would be willing to enter the homes of clients and their families to complete services, as meeting a client in their environment can sometimes be beneficial to reducing feelings of anxiety or stress. Less

County of Riverside

What can I contribute?

1 Answers

Lived experience.

Christian Broadcasting Network

Do you believe in speaking in tongues?

1 Answers

I believe in the gift of speaking in tongues.

Children’s Home Society of Florida

How do you deal with the hard personality?

1 Answers

Try to focus on the work to get it done in a proper way, and not taking anything personal. Less

University of Miami

If you were hired to wash all the windows in Miami, how would you go about doing the job? Take us from start to finish...

1 Answers

My answer doesn't matter... I asked what they were looking for and the person who asked the question said she just wanted to see what my train of thought would be because there was no right or wrong answer! Less

Bridges International
Counselor II was asked...27 September 2016

Why did I want to leave the job I was working at?

1 Answers

My job at the time was in a prison. I do not like the atmosphere at this prison because I did not feel safe. The area where I worked was not kept repaired and the facility was so old that everything kept breaking. Less

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

Diversity and other cultures and why it's important in a healthcare setting.

1 Answers

Different patients have different beliefs that are important. For instance a hispanic client may put HUGE importance on his or her family and due to the nature of our work they are most likely separated from their family especially after they first arrive. Some may even be legally forbidden to go near their family. Knowing this about your hispanic client can help you be sensitive at a time when he or she needs it most! Less

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

What is trauma informed care?

1 Answers

It means keeping in mind that every person you serve is coming from a different background and many of them have a background of trauma so you have to always keep that in mind. For instance some people were abused by being slapped in the past so you shouldn't get excited and try to high five them. That looks like you are running over to slap them! You have to be gentle and kind with a good sense of humor. Less

Bradford Health Services

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

1 Answers

Do you have any experience in the related field?

Center For Discovery
Counselor II was asked...19 September 2017

Would you be able to follow/model our all foods fit program/style

1 Answers


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