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Country sales specialist Interview Questions


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Tell me about your background.

6 Answers

This is the only questions any interviewer ever asked. There were never any in-depth questions that would determine my actual knowledge of the role or capability.


Call me i need job.. Family

I'm not sure if this was an attempt at humour, but the most difficult question was: What happens when you pay peanuts?

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talk to me about your CV

1 Answer

Towards the end of the interview they put me on the spot and done a role play about selling a Honeymoon holiday. I found that a bit strange as I had already answered those questions at the start of the interview. The conversation did not flow and it seemed that they just wanted to tick the boxes.

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- Summarise your professional experience - Why do you want to work for the Company/what is your experience with our product? - What was your biggest achievement in your previous role(s)? - What do you think our business needs (in terms of marketing, product, etc)?

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Try to sell me this pen... :D

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What made you want to apply for Audley?

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Who are your role models in business?

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Asked general question

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Is it ok if we move your interview date around many times with no reason or way of decent apology provided?

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