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What made you want to apply for Audley?

1 Answer

Because every holiday is different. I get to add in my own initiative and creative flair when looking at a customers itinerary as I am tailor making it to their brief.

Towards the end of the interview they put me on the spot and done a role play about selling a Honeymoon holiday. I found that a bit strange as I had already answered those questions at the start of the interview. The conversation did not flow and it seemed that they just wanted to tick the boxes.

1 Answer

Sell me a fruit, a city, a pen?

1 Answer

Explain a time you were about to purchase something and you had 3 options. Break down your thought process on how you came up with the one you purchased? How and why did you come up with the decision?

1 Answer

According to the recruiter, they will ask you to sell one of two random objects, or a city.

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What is the biggest challenge you've faced so far (in work or personally) and how did you cope?

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Sell me either a pineapple, a place or a pair of shoes.

Which 3 people - dead or alive- would you invite to a dinner party.

If a customer was considering a holiday to India, how would you convince them to visit the USA instead?

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