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They had a woman come in who had the wrong ticket and who was vaping and they were testing my customer service skills

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I told the woman she would have to pay for the ticket because she was in the wrong zone. I failed because I didn't ask enough questions, they said it wasn't about my "solution" more about the process of getting to that solution they wanted more interaction with the customer and to de-escalate the situation. I asked her to stop vaping because it was against the law, she was acting a bit difficult and I think I wasn't smiling enough.

It’s not against the law it’s against London Underground policy to smoke and use electronic cigarettes. I had the same scenario was her feet was on the chair too I asked her to remove her feet from the chair as that is anti social behaviour. I was polite but assertive. She had the wrong ticket but I empathised with her I let her through but explained to her for future travel she needs to have the correct ticket and I explained how she can go about to ensure this. I passed my role play.

How I tried to better myself?

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Describe a time where you had to work towards a deadline, what did you do?

Tell me about a time when you went over and above in your role ?

There was a Shareholder question, can’t remember exactly what they asked.

Describe a time when you have given good customer service.