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If you spill red wine on a customers white carpet what would you do?

4 Answers

Offer to help clean it up, if they are fine with this then great if not contact my supervisor on what we can do to assist her

You wouldn't get the job as you stated "her" and that's a sexist opinion

Get back in your van and off the property before she notices.

what would you call a good employee

3 Answers

You are delivering to a large manor house and are asked to deliver the shopping to the kitchen upon putting the shopping down you notice a bottle of red wine has leaked on the way in over the customers cream carpet how do you handle it?

3 Answers

What would I do if some red wine spilt on a customers carpet

3 Answers

What would I do if I dropped a bottle of wine on a rug.

2 Answers

What would you do if you spilt wine on a customer floor whilst handing over the shopping?

2 Answers

What challenges would you expect to face during the job?

2 Answers

You are running late, what would you do?

2 Answers

What would you do if the client is at 5th floor and the elevator is not working

2 Answers

what would you do if you entered a customers house and noticed red wine has been spilt on the carpet?

1 Answer
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