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I was asked "what does customer service mean to you?"

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I answered "It means meeting the customers needs, making sure they purchase the right products and have any questions answered with knowledgeable answers."

This is good I didn't mean to put a -1

An example of how you manage tasks/organise your time.

How did you learn about this role at Zapier? *

What is your philosophy on management? How does that philosophy translate into daily work? *

My previous experiences Salesforce knowledge About me

Experience, strengths, development areas, future ambition. The questions realetd to how I could add value and the value the role could provide to my career direction

Tell us about your experience leading a team. If you've directly managed a team, how large was your team? If not, tell us about what type of team you were leading. *

How do you think customers should be dealt with when they ask for refunds?

Describe the best customer service you ever received

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