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AmazingAmazing process it was and i am happy Amazing process it was and i am happy Amazing process it was and i am happy

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How did I go above and beyond for a customer.

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I want you to reverse around this corner, as you can see it is uphill.

What can you bring to this position. Can you manage heavy loads and busy days.

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Previous employment/ experience, would I be ok with getting up early

Can you drive a van?

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Give an example of when you’ve been in a leadership role?

The questions weren't individual answers, the answers were provided. All we could give was a 1-5 rating, amounting to variations on Definitely would, or Definitely wouldn't. One question following the long journey question asked me how I would feel after the journey. I had to give a 1-5 on in the words the test provided, "Refused to believe anything unpleasant had happened"! Question answer: I was confused, because there was no background scenario for this imaginary situation on this imaginary journey. I had to ask myself, 'Well, what did happen? I wasn't aware something occurred on the imaginary journey? How could I answer a question on an imaginary event that never occurred? How can I either accept or refuse to believe something that I have no knowledge of happening? Imaginary or otherwise? How can anyone answer this question? I think I just hit a 3 in the middle to stay neutral. If this wasn't the answer the question maker wanted then I would have got a High or Red mark for that, contributing to my failure. Perhaps the question maker was looking for acknowledgement of error and learning by that, making the driver more careful another time? But that's a lot of projection & conjecture. No-one can know! Whoever set the questions were not qualified to ask them & didn't know how to ask them & didn't give enough background information, & expects everyone to think the same way as they do. I come across people like this on social media all the time. It's called cognitive dissonance.

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