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Know your perecents



A lady's Mum was sick and she needs to take her car to Germany is this okay?

1 Answer

A lady 's son had put diesel in a petrol car.

1 Answer

A lady had been talking to a dealer about her new Motability vehicle and he hadn't called her back. The lady had anxiety.

1 Answer

Is there a time that is convenient to you for interview.

1 Answer

Can we conduct another telephone interview.

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Q: What was one thing that they asked you?

1 Answer

During phone interview we were role playing, the interviewer was an unhappy costumer I was an agent.

1 Answer

You are in a situation where a client is unhappy that the bug that is affecting them will not be fixed for another 24 hours. How do you respond to the client?

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They show you the shifts and ask if they are ok for you and your lifestyle

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