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Customer service executive Interview Questions


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Very basic customer service questions-Describe your best/worst customer service experience

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Why did you apply for this job? How are you calm an angry customer? Role play; a customer contact you by phone disappointed by the reality of the hotel (unlike all the photos online). What would you say/do? How are you negotiate with them?

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Are you married?

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What motivates you?

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Give an example a time you've given excellent customer service?

Examples of how I’ve dealt with, problems and my experiences

What was the toughest customer service case you've handled so far?

Why do you want to work at Tell us about a time you delivered great customer service? Did you have to respect deadlines in your previous job?

why booking? what could be your contribution for the company? how would you solve a problem for a customer? how do you react to changes? do you like working routine?