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What is customer service for you

17 Answers

talk about working experiences that evaluate cust service skills

Assistance or helped that we proved to the customers.

Assistance or helped that we proved to the customers.

What do you know about the company? Three words to describe good customer service? How do you meet targets? Experience working in a target environment? Experience working with difficult customers? A time where you exceeded your job title?

10 Answers

Name a time you have provided excellent customer service

8 Answers

how do you prioritize when there's no prioritization possible

7 Answers

What do you know about bet365. When did you go the extra mile. When did you deal eith an angry customer.

5 Answers

How would you respond to a customer that rang Sky requesting to downgrade their service.

4 Answers

Why would you be a good fit for dealogic

4 Answers

Can you work weekends?

3 Answers

What makes you different from the other candidates in the lobby?

3 Answers

Why would you like to work for sky

3 Answers
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