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Human Resources Customer Service Representative was asked...25 November 2019

A supervisor walks you upstairs and tells you about the company. When you get to the interview room the supervisor's inside ask you what she told you.

1 Answers

one of the supervisors in the room was yawning and acting like he could care less about my answers. Very unprofessional to say the least. Less


There were no real formal interview questions. Just a discussion on what would be expected.

1 Answers

Was salary ever discussed for this position? I wondered what they start at


Explain a time you have delivered quality customer service

1 Answers

you can answer this question based on your experience or time you have given a quality service Less


Describe your decision-making process when you need to assess an application for financing a line of business you know nothing about.

1 Answers

I would start with asking the client in-depth questions about their business in particular and industry overall, learn more about its operation and payment cycle, customers and vendors. If necessary, I would ask for an additional year or two of financial statements to have a clearer picture about the existing trends. Less


where do you see yourself in 5 years, name a time when i didn't provide adequate customer service, how would i handle a irate customer

1 Answers

with honesty

Baylor Scott & White Health

What is your greatest professional achievement?

1 Answers

Saving lives.

HUB International

Do you have experience with high network clients

1 Answers

Yes, I have the necessary experience to handle high net worth clients


What the most outbound calls in a day?

1 Answers

Working in a bank, I had to generate business and had to call out to as many as 50 - 70 people in a day on a weekly basis. Less


Tell me about your experience handling a difficult employee relations matter

1 Answers

described in detail my experience doing this at a previous company

HUB International

They asked why I wanted to leave my current employment.

1 Answers

There was no room for growth and I was promised things I was never given. The company also expected me to lower my level of ethics which I was not comfortable doing. It was also in a bad area, with homeless and mentally ill entering our office and harassing employees. The owner's husband had a bad temper and would intimidate us with cursing and yelling at us in front of clients. I wanted a professional and safe environment where the agency was more knowledgeable and I could advance. Less

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