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Customer Success Project Manager was asked...4 January 2018

I was asked to name 7 strengths.

1 Answers

I luckily was able to list off 7 strengths.

Fast (CA)

Conversation with the recruiting team was largely a sales pitch for the company, otherwise mostly basic questions about my experience were covered such as team size, customer lifecycle, leadership style, and revenue responsibility. Upon reading the news of the company's abrupt shutdown earlier this month it's no surprise that my questions about fundraising, burn, revenue retention, and growth were deflected.

1 Answers

After pleasantries, the interviewer seemed hesitant to take the lead or perhaps preferred a casual conversation so I proceeded to ask questions that are important for my diligence on the company to understand current gaps and areas of opportunity. As we neared the 30 minute mark I again asked if there was anything else that this person wanted to discuss or ask then was prompted with a broad question about my management experience that to answer appropriately took us 10 minutes beyond the scheduled time after follow up questions. Less


What was my first job?

1 Answers

I let them know my first job and how it was relevant to the job I was applying for Less


What else do you want the interview team to know?

1 Answers

I summarized my attributes.


Give us example(s) of difficult customer and how you turned them in your favor

1 Answers

How did you answer this question? (Optional)


Pretty standard interview questions about my background, why I was interested in the company and towards the end there were a few technical questions.

1 Answers

Honestly, just be yourself! It might seem cliche, but the best way to land a job that is a good fit for you AND the employer is to simply be yourself. Less


Could you provide an example of creating and implementing a new process from your past.

1 Answers

I provided an example of how I created and implemented a brand new onboarding process for an Account Management team I ran. Less


Q: What was your role post sales with customers?

1 Answers

Their current strategy is to have customer success play more of an ongoing role in engaging customer in future projects that would use their programming platform. Customer success to Mendix is a strategic account manager / consultant role. Less


The phone screen and initial interview consist of standard interview questions

1 Answers

Anyone that has practiced for standard interviews should be able to handle


Which of these three areas do you have the most experience in: sales account/relationship management, technical, or customer adoption?

1 Answers

Beware of this, it's a classic trap question. I have more than 10 years of experience sales account/relationship management, and nearly 20 years of experience in both technical sales and customer success, however the recruiter stopped me after this question and said Checkr's product is not technical at all and therefore adoption of their product is relatively easy, then indicated I wasn't a good fit for the role and concluded the interview. For a Director of Customer Success role, to hear that experience understanding and driving customer adoption wasn't a focus of their, indicates a poor understanding of what Customer Success is about. Less

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