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Data Analyst Interview Questions


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if there are 5 people in a room and each chooses a number from 1 to 10 at random what is the probability that two or more people have the same number

8 Answers

possible cases 10^5 favorable cases: -- exactly 2 people choose the same number: (5 choose 2)*10* (9^3) -- exactly 3 people choose the same number 5 choose 3 * 10 * 9^2 --exaclty 4 people choose the same number 5 choose 4 * 10 * 9 --exactly 5 people choose the same number 5 choose 5 * 10 =10 add them and divide

First work out the probability that none have the same number: In this case imagine each person picks their random number in turn. From person one through five, probabilities of picking unique numbers: For person one: 10/10 (since no other numbers have been picked yet) For person two: 9/10 (since one number has been picked by person one) Person three: 8/10 (Assume that persons one and two have picked unique numbers, since we are looking for the prob. that ALL have picked unique numbers) Person four: 7/10 Person 5: 6/10 Multiply together: get 30,240/100,000 = 30.24% Subtract from 100% to get 59.76% (required answer)

lordash is almost right, except that 100% - 30.24% = 69.76%

Nothing difficult. Some people found difficult the questions about how to get along with colleagues and how to create a good relationship or break the ice.

4 Answers

What is success? Some IT knowledge required for the technical test- what does http stand for; how many bits are in a byte etc.

3 Answers

How would your performance help the team?

2 Answers

Wasnt informed it was a competency based interview all through - was expecting data/technical questions

1 Answer

Tell me about how and when and what questions

1 Answer

Talk about what you enjoy doing.

1 Answer

Q: There are generally two types of people, some who like to see a project till the end and enjoy the gritty detail of it all, and some who are satisfied with grazing the surface (basically going deep or wide). Which category do you belong to?

1 Answer

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

1 Answer

Case study to explore the reasons customers buy a particular brand of car and how that information could be used to improve marketing.

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