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if there are 5 people in a room and each chooses a number from 1 to 10 at random what is the probability that two or more people have the same number

9 Answers

First work out the probability that none have the same number: In this case imagine each person picks their random number in turn. From person one through five, probabilities of picking unique numbers: For person one: 10/10 (since no other numbers have been picked yet) For person two: 9/10 (since one number has been picked by person one) Person three: 8/10 (Assume that persons one and two have picked unique numbers, since we are looking for the prob. that ALL have picked unique numbers) Person four: 7/10 Person 5: 6/10 Multiply together: get 30,240/100,000 = 30.24% Subtract from 100% to get 59.76% (required answer)

lordash is almost right, except that 100% - 30.24% = 69.76%

Anon has the final correct answer and Lordash has the correct explanation. The problem is a simpler version of the birthday paradox, with alternate ways to solve the problem outlined on this page:

Nothing difficult. Some people found difficult the questions about how to get along with colleagues and how to create a good relationship or break the ice.

4 Answers

What is success? Some IT knowledge required for the technical test- what does http stand for; how many bits are in a byte etc.

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How would your performance help the team?

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What financial statements will you have to look at to estimate a company's performance?

1 Answer

What kind of contribution will you be making to the company ?

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Create a 5 minute Presentation about a chosen subject from a set list.

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Why should the company hire you?

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Wasnt informed it was a competency based interview all through - was expecting data/technical questions

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Tell me about how and when and what questions

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