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Data Center Technician was asked...2 October 2019

Which command can test the connectivity of the host?

4 Answers


ping or netstat

What to wear to prevent static electricity in the data center?

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Name at least 10 Linux commands for diagnostics

4 Answers

fdisk, top, kill, grep, dmesg, dmidecode, df, ls, chmod, mount

Gave a list of commands as requested

In addition to above netstat , ps -aux , journalctl, ip a , uname -a or -rms, lsblk, systemctl (status/enable/restart ..etc) Less

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Using the command line, how would you view all the files in the current directory? (the only Linux-specific question the asked)

3 Answers

Use cd to change into the directory and ls or ls -l once inside to list all contents. Less

and a literal answer to only list "files" excluding directories would be to use the command: ls -p | grep -v / Less

ls -a


You searched for any website in your browser for example "" and you couldn't able to reach the site, then what might be the problem?

3 Answers

I said may be that site doesn't exist or i entered wrong domain name, my system might be wrong with my internet, and I tried so many things but the interviewer was asking what more possibilities ? I still don't know what more. Less

Your DNS is not configured properly. Check the /etc/resolv.conf file and see the nameserver entry. ( u may set it to Less

First check your internet connection. If it shows yellow flag than its internet issue straight away. Check your IP address and DNS. Set your IP in DHCP . Less


As I have signed confidentiality agreement I cant share interview questions. But it was pure technical interviews and very interesting. You have to be strong professional in your occupation to get an offer.

3 Answers

I have answered most of the questions, but that was not enough to get an offer. I know which questions I gave wrong answers, because I checked after and improved my Knowledge Base. It is very fair interview process. Less

I attended Google data centre interview recently. The questions were purely application oriented and they testing your expertise in the field. I don't want to reveal the questions but everything is behavioral based. When you are in this situation how u face. They asked me nearly 15 questions. 8 from AHU problem faced daily by HVAC engineer. 3 questions from chiller. 1 from cooling tower, 2 from fire escape and pre actuated pipe. 1 from water treatment. All these questions were purely experienced based and this one cannot be answered other than the expertise who opened the chiller and AHU unit. Not even 1 question in basics, all questions are higher end. Less

Can you share what ability(ex HVAC eletrical...)be need in this position. I mean they listed a lots of qualification but what is most important? Less

Biolife Plasma Services

What kind of animal do you see yourself most like

3 Answers

Dung Beetle

Vampire bat



What is a PDU?

2 Answers

Power Distribution Unit. Unfortunately I had no clue, I thought it was the power supply in a PC but just stated I was unsure. Less

Data centers use power distribution units to supply electrical power to servers and network devices installed in racks. Larger units typically have such bells and whistles as high current capacity, power filtering, remote monitoring, remote control, and smart load balancing. Less



2 Answers

You can loose exactly one drive with RAID 5, if you loose more than one drive, you are not going to be able to rebuild the data. Less

Spent more than 10 minutes on this topic alone. what is raid?how many disks do you need for each configuration? if you have 12 drives in raid 5 ,how many can fail without affecting the system? what is SMART Less


What are the parts of a computer?

2 Answers

Case Power Supply Motherboard CPU RAM HDD/SSD Graphics Card Heat Sink Network Interface Card CMOS Battery Less

Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Hard drive


Name one limitation of Satellite Communications with GEO Satellites?

2 Answers

The limitation is the RTT, round trip time , or the time delay of the traffic due the distance if the GEO satellite exceeding 36,000 km Less


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