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SQL - Between "Medium" and "Hard" on Leetcode. They expect you to know all of your JOINs, as well as subquerying and partition windows. Python - Around "Medium" on Leetcode. Mostly around data structures.

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Can you expand on the type of python questions asked onsite? Were they similar to the phone screen?

Buddy , could you pls give specific examples about the python questions asked in the onsite interview.

Could you pls share some hints on what sort of python qstns can be expected for onsite? Like screening or writing ETL pipeline for OLAP design?

Describe the metrics one would use to evaluate a binary classifier.

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HackerRank: There are three questions. 1. searching and sorting; 2. interpolation; 3. extrapolation.

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how much have experinece in spark?

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Solve 3 SQL problems

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private static Map namesToNumPurchases = new HashMap() {{ put("Chris", 10); put("Bob", 5); put("David", 5); put("Sue", 12); put("Jim", 3); }}; /* Required output: 3: Jim 5: Bob, David 10: Chris 12: Sue */

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Data-Science Business question : The one I am particularly working now.

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How would you respond to being asked to lead a group project you don't have time for?

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I was asked to complete a complex and open-ended data science task. Really used the full range of my data science skills.

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what are the commonly used activation functions in Neural Networks?

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