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Data Scientist Interview Questions


Data scientist interview questions shared by candidates

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What was your salary in Belgium?

1 Answer

My answer was that such information is confidential and that I don't see why he needs to know my past salary to evaluate my talent and value. He kept insisting and told me that he is the one that makes the questions, then I told him that I was not interested in proceeding with the process.

Are you willing to spend 2 months in California being trained?

1 Answer

First sit down questions were mainly about what previous projects/work/study had involved and going in to detail on the mathematical techniques and types of data I'd worked with previously.

How do you evaluate the output of the system that recommends reading material to users quality-wise?

1 Answer

Case study was on how you would solve a problem of building a model with a huge amount of data to pick apart.

Imagine we see a lot of users filling up a form but not submitting it, why would it be the case and how would you use data to finding it out?

3 Answers
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