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What was your salary in Belgium?

1 Answer

My answer was that such information is confidential and that I don't see why he needs to know my past salary to evaluate my talent and value. He kept insisting and told me that he is the one that makes the questions, then I told him that I was not interested in proceeding with the process.

what is Marshalling

1 Answer

Are you willing to spend 2 months in California being trained?

1 Answer

1. Tell us about yourself 2. why king 3. Do you play games? what kind of king games do you play? 3. Some basic multiple choice question about machine learning, SQL, database, and probability

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There were questions about statistics, machine learning, etc. The usual stuff a data scientist is supposed to know.

Justify the approach taken in the assignment.

Questions are based on CV e.g. tell me about your masters project.

I had to describe the pros and cons of different neural network structures that could be used for natural language processing.

Past projects, High dimension reduction etc

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