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HackerRank: There are three questions. 1. searching and sorting; 2. interpolation; 3. extrapolation.

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Case Study: time-series prediction real-world problem

Hi, thanks a lot for your post! I just got the hackerrank link for the data science coding test, could you please give me more details on the exercises on the test? ( the more details the better :) ) It would really be of help. Thanks!!

I was asked to complete a complex and open-ended data science task. Really used the full range of my data science skills.

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Imagine we see a lot of users filling up a form but not submitting it, why would it be the case and how would you use data to finding it out?

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You have a database of customer transactions and for some users you don’t have much data (1-2 transactions), and you want them to use Revolut’s services more. How would you analyse the data to do so, with such limited data on some users.

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Regularization Methods?

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What draws you to Data science course

1 Answer

Do you enjoy challenges?

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Presentation, CV, Case Study

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Can you describe how [Data-science technique] works, and why would you use it?

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3 coding questions on HackerRank (you have to use Python)

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