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various technical and competency-based questions

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Do you do A/B testing in your current role, and if so, who do you do it with?

The 1st interview was a poorly framed problem, more like an 'open ended question'. It was related to graph databases and advanced clustering algorithms - don't think k-means, definitely way more advanced than that! The 2nd interview was with an engineer, and that involves solving a problem they have in reality and you are meant to propose a full end-to-end solution - again totally unrealistic to expect this when they haven't even solved this problem themselves! By the 3rd interview I was sure I didn't want to work there - the interviewer wasn't motivational in any way. She then moved hastily to a 'measurement' question which was technical too - how to measure whether an Ad was successful or not in a very specific scenario.

How would you measure the impact of a TV ad on Facebook response?

If you were given some data and nothing else, what would you do with it?

Easy questions about background. Study case: Booking site which information of the users should we save and why? ...

Convince me that your years of experience is what they are and not what I just imagined.

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Why do you want to come work in Bristol and sell kebabs? In the Random Forest hyperparameters you're optimising, which prevent overfitting and why? I'm a business person. What's 'random' about Random Forest, and can you explain which variables are predictive of the positive class?

Describe a time you had a conflict with a colleague and how did you resolve it?

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