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Product Delivery Manager was asked...8 February 2021

many questions were asked regarding the role and previous experiences

1 Answers

STAR method seemed to work best


Explain the program (after reading a policy briefing).

1 Answers

Summarized the materials they gave me

Papa John's

Do you have a driver's license? Do you have car insurance? Are your tags up to date?

1 Answers


Brave Bison

Explain a typical content (VoD) workflow

1 Answers

Using a white board, I drew a high level overview of content workflow from ingest, content handling to publish via CDN to client devices Less


Si una persona de mi equipo no obtiene una promoción esperada, y esa persona cuestiona la decisión en una sesión de feedback alegando que otro compañero de equipo la obtuvo, que respuesta le darías?

1 Answers

Debemos centrarnos en nuestro feedback, y analizar el desempeño personal, como asi tambien las oportunidades de mejora, y no compararnos con un compañero. Respecto a lo que te vengo comentando, queres que conversemos algun punto particular en el que no estes de acuerdo? Less


Are you good at self driven career development

1 Answers

I have made my career on my own without much help or guidance since my job didn't exist even a few years ago Less

Royal Mail

Describe a time you had a difficult situation and what did you do to resolve it.

1 Answers

Had to provide evidence of things I’d done in the past 12 months.

The Emirates Group

How do you govern your project?

1 Answers

Such an open question. I responded on policies around PMO governance and then about how I manage my projects to meet PMO guidelines. The answer expected was, how do you as a program manager manage multiple projects. Less

BDO Digital

~When did you prepare an IT roadmap and how did you go about it?

1 Answers

Our multi-site, multi-country organization needed to standardize on a single vendor platform and map out a process to achieve that objective. {This question was interesting because the interviewer said that assessing the environment and mapping a plan was completed by someone in a different role.} Less

Hexaware Technologies

a) Given a situation where time,cost & resources are fixed and the technical architect team has taken more than 1 month to get a customer sign off then how can you complete the project on time. What would be your questions to the tech team. b) What is the agile method of estimation to be followed for a project. c) How did you manage a project technically. d) What would the Agile team comprise of ? e) How would you manage an Agile project.

1 Answers

a) If time ,cost and resource were fixed then I would discuss would the tech team for those points that were outside the project scope . Apart from this I would charge the customer for the extra points and then extend the time. b)Polker,T-Shirt Size, dot voting, bucket system are some of the methods of estimation. c) This is a situation based answer d) Situation based answer. Less

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