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Where do you see yourself in the future

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i see my self working in retail as it's something i want to do

Unfortunately the department manager seemed to be less informed and educated about running a store than I was. I was fully prepared to talk about my previous experience in department management and yet she was asking very generalised questions and seemed impressed when I tried to turn the conversation back to the topic... the job.

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what were the negative issues raised from your last companies performance review.

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Describe your best friend..

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Tell us about yourself and how you are qualified for the job.

1. talk about your CV 2. what is challenge in your job 3 how do you manage people 4 can you use sap

Competency Based questions. “Give me an example of how you identified, and then improved an underperforming section/brand”.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? What is your number 1 priority, employee satisfaction or business targets.

Asked about retail experience and sporting background.

What customer service experience is the UO customer looking for?

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