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If you flip two coins, one is a head,what is the probability that the other is a head

6 Answers

For crying out loud, it's a half.

1/3 Before conditioning on info, possible states are: HH HT TH TT Since one is a head, only three of the states above are possible.

Recruiter didn't structure the question in that way. It was closer to "you have two coins; you flip one, it is a head. Now you flip the other, what is the probability that the second is a head?"

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Case exercise: Data modeling with Palantir method (Entity - Event - Document). How would you start to model a restaurant business?

2 Answers

1. Why Palantir 2. 2 strengths, 2 weaknesses 3. Name a time when (worked in teams, had problems etc etc) 4. Describe to me a complicated process 5. Classic brain-teaser problem (was given the egg an 100 storey building one - just google it)

1 Answer

Give an example for a non absolute truth (can be interpreted differntly by others)

1 Answer

CV walkthrough, how did you solve a difficult problem, business case problems, and of course the Peter Thiel questions "tell me about something you are right about and almost everyone disagrees about".

1 Answer

Describe object-oriented language to someone never heard of it before?

1 Answer

What was the most challenging analytical problem in your previous job and how did you solve it?

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If you live in a grid systems, how do you get to another point in the grid the fastest if there are traffic lights (randomly lit green, red) after every step?

1 Answer

All relevant question already mentioned on glassdoor

1 Answer

Please describe in simple words what an API is.

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