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describe a situation where there was conflict and how you

  handled that conflict?

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On a previous team there was significant conflict between two team members and the the team leader. This had created a negative working environment on the team as a whole, I spoke with the team leader directly regarding the situation and one of the two individuals on the team was moved to another department, which completely eliminated the conflict.

Interview Candidate on 30 Jan 2010

When providing an answer, try to focus on the problem, impact, solutions and outcomes:


When working on a prior project team, conflict arose as a result of a gap between the needs of business sponsor and the scope of the project as defined by the project manager. (Problem)
The BU perceived that their needs were being overlooked, creating not only personality tension, but also the potential for the program to not achieve it's stated goals (Impact).
In an effort to assist, I asked the PM for their ok to speak informally with the BU, then set up a lunch to see if I could learn more. It turned out that there was a piece of information that was not included in our assessment that could create major efficiencies, with just a small amount of work on the part of the project team. I worked with the BU to quantify the problem, and potential returns. (Solution, with YOU being positioned as the go getter who is making sure things get down, with the buy in and cooperation of all of the key stakeholders.)
As a result, we were able to include the change, personality tensions were diffused, and the implemenation achieve far more than their stated goals (Results...if you can quantify here, it would be very effective.)

Anonymous on 17 Mar 2010

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