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J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Senior Digital Marketing Manager EU was asked...1 April 2014

Are you a french National?

2 Answers

Am English National

The Interviewer is a french national and was looking to hire only french people ! Less

University of Cambridge

How would you speak to a civil servant?

2 Answers

"The same way I'm speaking to you now. I've worked with many of them before and they're normal people like anyone else." (This was very clearly not the sort of answer they were expecting!!) Less

It would depend on the civil servant (a police officer? MP? The Queen?) and what the conversation is about (the weather? Public housing? Are you getting arrested?). I would start it formal (but pleasant and smiling) and let him/her guide the tone. Less

Likes and dislikes

2 Answers

When was interview conducted?

When did you faced the apti and analytical test (date)??

Townsquare Media

Why is this job right for you?

2 Answers

You must have talked to the same person I did, lol!

Interview in person & call with SVP. Local team was very warm, welcoming and professional. SVP displays inflated ego, sarcasm with a condescending tone. The entire experience and my perception of the organization was positive up until that point. In retrospect it's easy to see why this company has poor ratings and high turnover. the culture appears to be tainted by an individual that demonstrates behaviors equal to a poor manager vs. true leader. i.e., "this is my company", "I run this place. I could tell by the questions that the SVP leverages 1:1 time to gain outside perspective and intel to the point where it felt always to me, almost as if he was undermining his own leadership team. Overall, I was disappointed in myself for allowing it to go any further once I realized this company was not a good fit. Recommendation: Depends on your personality and moral compass. Less


Cross clock domain synchronizer, 1 bit.

2 Answers

Add one flip-flop on the output of destination register.

There's quite an extended back and forth in actual interviews for questions like this, so nothing quite like real practice. The Prepfully Qualcomm Digital Design Engineer experts have actually worked in this role, so they're able to do an honest-to-God accurate mock, which really puts you through the paces. Less


Why do you want to work at Citrix?

2 Answers

Just answer Honestly

To enhance my skills and grab the opportunity to work with Citrix, an esteemed company Less


Tell me about a time you were given tough feedback on your work performance, how did you respond?

2 Answers

Better feedback

Amazon has really high standards of their employees, so it's a place where sometimes you need to be thick-skinned. Be sure to give an example of a time you received criticism in a positive way/didn't take it personally, you took it to heart and improved yourself, etc. Less


1. Why should we hire you?

2 Answers

Never get too personal like saying, I am honest and hardworking. Try to build up sentence showing how interested you will be to accquire the job. Less

As an Amazon employee who interviewed and hired a lot of people here, I've created a guide that has all the questions and winning answers from an Amazonian recruiter perspective. Please check it out at . Pls also check the positive feedback at the bottom of that page! Thanks. Less


What would be your biggest concern regarding the role if you were to join Deloitte?

2 Answers

How long did you wait for the news after your first interview?

Hello! Thank you for your comment! :) It is very useful! I will have my assessment centre soon, would you mind if I ask you more questions? Can you please write to my inbox, because I cannot write to you. I appreciate your help! :) Best! Less

Allied Health Media

If you are having trouble accessing the site, what would you try first before contacting IT?

2 Answers

You can also try a different browser, clear cookies/cache, check for browser/plugin/system updates or restart your computer as well. Less

Check the spelling of the site Check if http or https is required Check if www is needed or not Try site / index.htm or /index.html search google to see if other pages come up that would lead me to another page on the site, that could take me to the home page. Less

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