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Are you a french National?

3 Answers

The Interviewer is a french national and was looking to hire only french people !

Am English National

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(considering it's a digital role) What did you think of our store window?

2 Answers

Stage 2. I then went into meet Claire for a face to face interview in the offices - which were very stylish!. Again the format was quite informal, but the questions were intelligent and at times quite in depth - they were getting a good picture of what I wanted and whether I would be a good cultural fit. I was given lots of opportunity to ask questions and fact find - it was a very open and honest discussion.

1 Answer

What were my reasons for applying? Describe/demonstrate my daily/weekly routine? What is my understanding of the business, industry and market place?

1 Answer

How do you prioritise a busy workload?

1 Answer

The interviewer asked broad questions and was afraid of going into hard skills and details.

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What do you think you would offer our business

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General questions about the skills for the role and my previous experience, but one excellent question which Colin posed was: If there is one thing you'd like to get perfect in the first week what would that be any why?

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What is your favourite horizontal to work with?

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Final Stage The whole experience was very positive - and I left the last meeting with a really good understanding of the job , company, culture and the personalities involved. They offered me the job while I was on the train on the way home !

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