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Hardest time in your life

2 Answers

Explained a time where my personal life made my exams a lot harder.

Hi, what kind of questions were asked in the interview at the assessment centre?

How many bits is the access flags of a file?

3 Answers

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Some of the Key Questions in Round 1: HR Round 1. Tell me about yourself and your past experience. I think they were just checking communication skills. Also depth of experience 2. What am i looking in my next role? 3. Salary expectations

2 Answers

Write a python program to remove duplicates , keep the first occurrance

2 Answers

Aspirations Family Background Achievements so far and goals.

1 Answer

Please provide the command to identify the node location in linux sysytem ?

1 Answer

How do you provide permission for everyone to read a file in current directory name "apple" at the unix prompt.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work for EY?

1 Answer

Where do you live in the UK

1 Answer

Tell me a time when you have handled a difficult customer?

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