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What do you think about the present government's education policy

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I personally think it is fundamentally flawed but the publishing industry has to work with it and I find the challenge exciting.

Why are you the right candidate for the role. Accenture is Interested in you. They are inundated with applications. So the question is focused around your flexibility And your ability to adapt.The interviews are quite tough. You start with telephone interviews and then progress to panel and one-to-one interviews.

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Do you have cyber security experience?

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i was not expecting to draw a picture when i went for the final interview at their office, i was given several pieces of paper and some colouring pencils. firstly i was taken a back and felt that i was back at kindergarden. The picture needed to either reflect what motivates me. I then had to dicusss the picture and tell the panel what the pictures means to me. very bizare for a senior role

(1) Why do you want to join OBR? (2) What do you think OBR can expand outside of UK? (3) Do you need a work VISA in UK? (4) What's your expected salary (they already hinted it will be much lower) and equity share?

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No so such about how difficult the questions were or unexpected, it was the range of type of questions, from you as an individual as to what you have achieved and where you want to be.

What experience do you have in leading a content driven community?

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