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Some of the Key Questions in Round 1: HR Round 1. Tell me about yourself and your past experience. I think they were just checking communication skills. Also depth of experience 2. What am i looking in my next role? 3. Salary expectations

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What ever applies to your situation, just explain it.

The key in generic questions like this, is to make sure to cover the fundamentals. There's usually a back-and-forth with the interviewer. Might be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Spotify Software Engineering Manager experts on Prepfully? Really helps to get some real-world practice and guidance.

Round 3. Face to face at Spotify office. Round a. Technical. - Draw architecture of my current applications/project. Descibe each part how they interact etc. OR They can provide a scenario. (I suggest ask for scenario) Round b. - They had a list of questions, they were goin through. Interviewer typed-up everthing as I was saying it. - Many real world situations and examples questions. Examples of providing negative feedback. Describe the impact. - What objectives have been set for me, in my current role? How i deliver it. - Scenario example, where i have backed a team member or colleague to deliver a piece of work.

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what pattern do these 4 lines of code follow?

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Scenario creating RESTful service to post heartbeats for server monitoring and provideRESTFul interface for getting the data.

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Regular questions, skills, experience and agile experience.

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Round 2: Director/Sr Manager interview. 1, Google hangout interview. Friendly person. Basic questions about past experience. 2. Management Style. How I lead teams and ensure good processes are followed. 3. What metrics do I use day to day? 4. How do I ensure diversity in my teams? 5. Give example of difficult stakeholders that I have worked with. Why they were difficult? How did I manage them? 6. Give Example of difficult employees I had to work with. How I managed them? 7. My priorities in the current role are? Why?

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Have you had to fire anyone?

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Did you have other leadership experiences before?

Management experience, and way of resolving conflicts