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Boston Consulting Group
Director, Sustainable Buildings and Climate Change was asked...8 September 2020

Would entrepreneurial spirit fit in to the company? They seemed to think not.

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I said that we ALL work for clients whether their out-of-house, in-house, or other places. They seemed to think not a good answer. Less

Edison Electric

All questions were high level in terms of background and interests. What have you been doing lately? What do you hope to do in the future?

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I tried to break what I perceived as the business development service delivery priorities for this team into short- and medium-term timelines, but the interviewer was extremely focused on PPAs, EV fleet adoption, and real estate portfolio efficiencies - exactly the right three elements to focus on in terms of moving the emissions curve for their clients, but not at all what I thought our call was about (developing strategies to address more granular (company specific), second phase targets). Less

Verdani Partners

They asked how I handle working on multiple projects at once.

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I said that I set aside time specifically for answering emails, and separate time for doing 'thinking work'. During the latter time I turn email off so I can focus. Less


Give me an example of circular economy.

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I reported a specific example from one of the projects I have worked on. HM's answer was "this is fantastic." Less


She asked about my experience and what my big picture ideas for NIKE would be.

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I have been designing sustainable apparel for 20 years so, this questions was not hard for me. I also had a very informed and clear vision as to where NIKE should be headed. Less

Dura-Line Corp

Nothing that was industry specific. More past expereince questions.

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I told them I have 10 years of expereince in the telecom Environmental and Sustainability fields, and then explained some specific examples. Less

Dallas College

Who was your favorite and least favorite boss and why?


What is your experience with the services lines in Nokia?

World Wildlife Fund

Was ist Ihnen am Arbeitsplatz wichtig?

World Wildlife Fund

Hatten Sie einmal ein Problem im Arbeitsalltag und wie haben Sie es gelöst?

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