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District Manager was asked...23 November 2010

What would you do if you saw someone steal from the store?

8 Answers

"There are very few situations in which stealing from the store is justified." Actually there are NO situations where steeling is justified. Also are they talking about store employees or customers? Less

Yes, spelling always counts. It especially counts when trying to point out the short comings of others. Less

Never interject with a robbery or theft situation. As a manager your first and most important priority is the safety of the employees that are on the clock at the time and equally the customers on the property. As well as any person that is at the store **including yourself** don’t be a hero Less

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Abercrombie & Fitch

Hoe zou jij uitbreiden in een stad waar het werkloosheidspercentage meer dan 25% is?

6 Answers

I would not

Door een olieraffinaderij te bouwen en de mensen daar te laten werken.

Zorgen dat de werkende 75% bij mij komt kopen

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What do you think about firing a great manager, just because they do not agree with corporate management.

5 Answers

When you are in a leadership position in any company, you have to promote the directions of the company. If the manager refuses, it is up to the DM to get the point across, or to help the manager find the door to a position they agree with. Less

Hi I’m interested for work

They can disagree but still do what is asked of them!

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I'm going to give you two phrases, neither of which is a wrong answer, and just tell me which you would say describes you better: I love to win, or I hate to lose?

4 Answers

I love to win because hating to lose hints towards pessimism and could possibly lead to focusing on your losses, not shaking them off and moving on. Less

I love to win because love is a sign of positivity where hate is a sign of negativity Less

I hate to lose. Winning is the expectation and for successful people the norm. Granted winning provides satisfaction, but if it's something you do consistently the lows of losing would heavily outweigh the highs of winning. Less

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What would you do if you saw an employee take 10$ from the register?

4 Answers

Just to add, the above 'Giving 2 options' has worked for me 2 times already without any hassle. Though it was not for stealing, it was for underachieving and blatantly not doing their work. Less

Different circumstances would differ how I handle it but Personally, I would take them to my office, whilst noting if I had CCTV footage on it too, and give them a straight choice. I would explain that they had 2 choices in the matter. 1st option: That this has to be investigated as I saw them take money. Because I saw them take the money so its quite obvious, it would likely end in a dismissal for gross misconduct and the police would have to be informed if it were proved they stole money. 2nd option: I would accept their immediate resignation if they so wished. Less

Tell management

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FGX International

Are you able to multi task, and how are you in handling irrate clients?

3 Answers

I love multitasking! That's what I always do haha. But If I would face a irritated costumers I would Less

I enjoy being given additional responsibilities. As for irrate clients, all they want is for someone resolve the issue and for someone to take ownership of situation. Less

Absolutely. With 22+ years with the same company and a demand to provide their needs based on strict lead times, clients are typically irate when communication lacked through the process. Transparency is key in addition to building a relationship through the process. Less

The Coca-Cola Company

Sometimes there is a situational role play at the end of the interview, how would you handle this situation, etc... Ask for the business, close the sale, be yourself

3 Answers

Not sure

Ask for the business, be myself and do my best to close the sale.

STAR method, keep it simple, show your personality, ask for the business and close the sale Less


you see a cashier sneak 5 dollars into her pocket when she thinks no one is looking. what do you do?

3 Answers

Gather the facts. I'm sure there are cameras on each cashier. Zero tolerance for stealing. Termination. Less

There should never be a three strike rule when it comes to theft. If they will take 5 dollars and nothing happens to them, they will continue and the loss will become greater. As a DM you should quickly have another person take the position, and take the person in the office and interview them for any further theft issues. Obtain a written confession and then if the amount justifies, call the local law enforcement and file charges. Less

Depends. Are you a district manager trainee or a district manager at this time? I believe in the 3 strike rule (by the third strike, you're out and I'll make sure you never work in a grocery store again). Less


While reviewing video at a store you observe one of your best employees who has been with the company for over 10 years eating a bag of chips that she did not and does not pay for. Company policy says the punishment for stealing is termination, however you are short staffed with the Holiday season coming up and the employee has not prior policy violations. What do you do?

3 Answers

It is critical to follow policy. You cannot make exceptions because you 'need' the employee more in December than in February. Furthermore, if this is how one of your 'best' and most veteran employees behaves, tolerating this behavior is likely to encourage similar behavior from the rest of your staff. Less

Check personnel file see if the employee has been wrote up before. Give them a verbal warning if no prior write ups. Note that employee was givin a verbal warning. Less

Confrontation is the hardest, but most effective way to approach this situation. It will be a difficult situation to face, but like getting a tooth pulled, avoiding it to avoid the pain is naive and ineffective. Confront the employee and find out their side of the story, if it's mixed: terminate. If it just so happened to be a mistake, reprimand and move on. Less

Luke Family of Brands

Some behavioral questions, background questions, how would you feel about "example" questions.

3 Answers

I don't have problem answer any of the questions.

I don't have problem answer any of the questions.

Why spend so much time , if you get trained

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