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Q1) tell me a time where a person gave a complaint and how you dealt with it

1 Answer

Whilst I was working as a sales assistant a person came into the shop to complain about a out of date crisp. As I can't process refunds I called my manager, who took the customer to the side and processed the refund whilst I carried on serving other customers

Do you have any medical issues

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Name a time when you've had to work as a team

1 Answer

Only two questions: Has there been a situation where you've had to follow company rules and regulations.. did you feel you could have done this any better? A time where you exceeded customer expectation? An exercise to pick out a list of items with NO mistakes.

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when have you worked well in a team

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How many hours I can do

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What experience do you have

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Mention a time that you were integral to a team

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describe when you have had a bad experience with a customer and what you did to resolve the issue.

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They asked a few scenario based questions to understand how I would deal with a difficult situation.

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