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Drug safety associate Interview Questions


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Competency based questions: tell us a time when you had a tight deadline and how you overcame that (time management and organisation); tell us a time when you had to make a difficult decision; views on the use of animals in science?

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Use STAR method to help you answer these, draw from examples from a wide range of backgrounds (I included previous jobs, previous volunteering experience, previous lab experiments, etc)

CV based questions included: what is your biggest achievement to date; tell us about your previous work experience; tell us about *so-and-so* module on your course, what did you learn in this module and what lab experiments did you do?

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Difference between SAE and SAR

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Basic competency questions and questions particular to the role

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Technical questions: what do you know about metabolism and toxicology; what is blood made up of; what do lysosomes do; how would you test for an unknown concentration of protein?

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Typical interview questions like what is your experience, why are interested etc...

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Why did I want to join the Drug Safety Department in particular when I also had a lot of experience in Medical Information.

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