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Analyst Interview Questions in Edinburgh, Scotland


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17 19 23 29 37... What is the next number in the series?

4 Answers

This is a list of prime numbers, and the next would be 41.

41 is right or wrong

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Why Blackrock

2 Answers

Previous experience

1 Answer

Why JP? Why This department? News and how that affects JP

1 Answer

Talk through how you approached your model. Why should we hire you. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time.

1 Answer

To describe accounting statements and stocks and bonds in company investment.

1 Answer

You have a Rubik's cube 12x12x12 and you paint it all from the outside. You many cubes aren't painted.

1 Answer

You have 2 bowls and 50 white balls and 50 black balls in a room. Maximize the possibility when someone will enter the room to choose a white ball.

1 Answer

Case: a cash machine is being improved to allow customers withdrawing cash in Euro (not only in British pounds). What will need to be changed/added at the back of the cash machine?

1 Answer

Tell us about your experience to date.

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