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Q1: What you did in a team when you have conflicts with others? Q2: Share a piece of experience that you provide customer service for others Q3: What do you know about this programme?

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In the first year of this unique 24-month programme, you rotate through various functions at our retail stores. During year two, you focus on leadership roles with top-level managers as your mentors and coaches. ... By offering your observations, you foster positive change in your store and at stores worldwide.

Hi, as an Apple employee, I have collected Apple interview questions, based on my and my colleagues' recent experiences, and provided our insights/answers that got us in Apple. You can find it here: (please do not forget to also look at the reviews at the bottom of that page). Thanks and good luck!

Are you okay with embarrasing yourself?

1 Answer

Have you got your passport ,are you entitled to work?

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What would you ask a customer while clearing plates/glasses away?

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Do you have any experience in Customer service?

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How gas demand will change? (Gas and LNG research position related question)

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what would you do if a customer wanted an item that wasnt in stock?

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A customer wants to try on an item but the queue is very long and they don't want to wait, what do you do?

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How do you keep up with current fashion trends?

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Describe a time you had to overcome a problem at work.

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