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Case: a cash machine is being improved to allow customers withdrawing cash in Euro (not only in British pounds). What will need to be changed/added at the back of the cash machine?

1 Answer

I couldn't answer this question. It would need to be changed/added a mechanical part responsible for cash disposal since Euro notes are different size than Pounds.

Experience with content management system. Experience with large scale change projects and regulatory change projects

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How would you approach stakeholder engagement

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Questions based on the scenario. Prioritising work to be done to improve processes.

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Example of leadership, team conflict, have you coached someone etc.

Not really a structured interview only a critique of my CV and what I had done and what experience I had and how long specific contract roles lasted and why/how they came to an end.

Standard competency questions, but they go in details for every piece of information in your answer

Scenario to review and share approach to addressing scenario

Describe your strength and weaknesses

Describe a situation where you helped others to reach their potential