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Graduate analyst Interview Questions in Edinburgh


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Talk through how you approached your model. Why should we hire you. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time.

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I have made an experiment called Biogas Production because I love the Renewable Energy System or Treatment. I have the ability to learn fast, to work individual and in the group and when happen that I or someone loose or feels bad or demotivated, I wrote real/interesting story to motivate myself and the others. I don’t like to be a looser and I never let a job unfished due to obstacles that I can have during my work. Renewable Energy is a area in which I have a Master Degree and I want to be part of this area, because is developing day by day to achieve the goal to have 20% of energy production from Renewable Energy in World and I want to be there giving my contribution as much as possible. The future is promosing so, 5 years from now I see myself as a professional in Renewable Energy area, with my own Renewable Resources bussines named “The Future is Green,,

Case: a cash machine is being improved to allow customers withdrawing cash in Euro (not only in British pounds). What will need to be changed/added at the back of the cash machine?

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Spent ages focusing on and wanting to know other places I'd applied to and why.

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Why do you want to work for us? Are you ready to leave your current job?