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Graduate software engineer Interview Questions in Edinburgh


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Give details of a time when you have had to motivate yourself to achieve a personal goal

Analyze a piece of code and find outputs. Code was very difficult to analyze. More like pseudo code. And was very broad. Approximately 5 pages, with multiple function calls. You only get about 20 minutes.

The most difficult of the questions is most likely designing the program to play blackjack or their modified version of blackjack.

Find the difference of the 3rd smallest and the 2nd largest number, where you are given about 8 different numbers each to 6 decimal places.

The interviewer picked a specific topic I had done a project on over a year ago and asked me to give an overview of the theory behind it.

Tell me why you are taking this course/why did you change universities for your post-grad studies.

What are some of the important traits of a software engineer?

The most difficult question for me was writing a function to output the Fibonacci sequence on paper. I don't handle writing code on paper on demand very well and I struggled to even think about the problem during the interview. As soon as I cleared my head and left the office after my interview I knew what I should have written but in the interview I was more than useless!

simple OO question about splitting the cost of a holiday amoung several people