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If the design already synchronized, but a signal is too short for the setup time, wht's the reason and how to correct it?

2 Answers

datapath too long. dont know how to correct it.

The datapath or combinational logic is too big Solution: 1.slow down the clock frequency 2. insert more flip flops into the combinational logic

Tell me about a time you failed

1 Answer

What would your ideal manager do to help you in your work?

1 Answer

a lot of math problems, statistics, machine learning, functional analysis

1 Answer

What is 5S?

1 Answer

They asked very detail about your previous intern experiences in using the all kind of software tool , and trying to detect your level of degree in using those tool, so some of questions were deeply related to the technical skill.

1 Answer

Talk me through your CV (even though they never asked for my CV and therefore had no copy of it)

1 Answer

I indicated the programming language I feel most comfortable in when I applied. The interviewers asked me questions specific to that language about data collections and object-orientation.

I was asked to solve a logical puzzle about divers trapped in a cave filling with water. I was supposed to figure out in what order the divers were supposed to escape.

Questions were quite generic, but asked about when I had to handle a tricky situation with others.

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